My Career

My Career

I was born in Oxford in 1968. My parents were enthusiastic visitors of churches, museums and stately homes, and from an early age I created things in imitation of the places we visited. As a young child I made little buildings out of cardboard, and as a teenager I spent thousands of hours painting. 

By sixteen I was hoping to make a career in art, but two things got in the way. First, the figurative work I wanted to make was completely at odds with the conceptual, installation-based work that was in fashion at the time. Week one of my Foundation course taught me that I wasn't allowed to do what I wanted, and after that I never really learned anything else. Second, paint was the wrong medium for me, and somehow I never got my hands on any clay. 

Consequently I put my creative endeavours on hold, and went to work in the charity sector for 25 years. Along the way I collected objects that interested my aesthetically, especially ceramics. Eventually in 2014 I visited Japan and, like many English people before me, was captivated by Japanese pottery. I decided to try making some pots of my own, and took a course at Morley College. 

I was immediately thrilled by the potential of clay - I could make anything! Badly of course, at first, but other courses and countless hours of practice followed. At the end of 2016 I decided to concentrate on ceramics full time and set aside 2017 to develop my work as a sculptor. This has been a year of research and development, from finding my style in a new medium to setting up a kiln in the shed. Early in 2018 I will be holding a private view of work made during my first year.

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